CryptoMite 3.0

Lock and block access to files of every type and even whole directory structures
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CryptoMite is a security tool for Windows user which makes file or folder secure for unauthorized access. It encrypts all kind of file which is unbreakable that gives more security to users. It can be apply for a single file or a directory or all subdirectories. It’s very easy to use and easily integrated with right click menu.
This software uses highly secure encryption method which makes it more reliable and trustworthy. It is automatically integrated with Microsoft outlook so user can easily mail encrypted data with the menu provided by this software. It support delivery via MAPI and contain SMTP client like Microsoft outlook for outgoing emails. It also provides other security option for windows users. It can create auto decrypt files which can be decrypted by anyone on Windows system if he knows the password even if this software is not installed on his system. User can also select the algorithm from the algorithm tabs he is going to use for his scrambling. It uses 7 algorithms for encryption which are AES, Twofish, Mars, Cast 256, Blowfish, gost and SCOP. It has very user-friendly interface but it also supports command line arguments.

Manoj Goel
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  • Gives best security to sensitive data
  • Auto integration with right click menu
  • Many encryption algorithms to choose from
  • Self decrypt files can be created which don’t require this software for encryption


  • Works only with windows operating system
  • Disk hide feature is not supported on 2000/NT system
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